Join Me In My 21 Day Fast For Breakthrough

Thanks for stopping by! I have decided to start a blog so that everyone can get involved in what God is wanting to do this coming year! I believe God is going to move in a powerful way in 2010. And I want to be a part of whatever God wants to do!During prayer I believe the Lord impressed upon me to fast for 21 days doing the Daniel fast. The fast will begin, January 10th 2010- January 31st! So I have time to get the word out:)A Daniel Fast is basically where you eat no meat, no sweets, and no bread. Drink only water and Eat fruits and vegetables. (Read Daniel 1:12. )


Wow, lets not just think about the spiritual aspect of the fast, but in addition to that, imagine how well you will feel and look after 3 wks of healthy living! Count me in!

Now I am not just doing this fast to feel better, I am fasting for a purpose. You see I believe there are some things that we want or need from God that require more than just prayer. When many of the people in the bible wanted God to move on there behalf, they fasted. Esther, Daniel and lets not forget that before Jesus performed signs miracles and wonders he fasted for 40 days! Hmmm…any correlation there?

I am so excited about this because I just Know that God is going to do something awesome. In addition to wanting to bless me, I know He is wanting to bless the body in general. That’s why I believe He has impressed on me to start this BLOG.

In all honesty this is the first one I have ever done, and I’m pretty excited to see where it is going to go.


But seriously, God is up to something big!! He is going to bless His people like never before! Not just financially, but spiritually and even influentially! He is raising up leaders to do His will. In fact he is wanting to do something right here in our community, along with cities all over the world. But before I conquer the world, I will have start right here in my own town:)
God is wanting to reach into our community and pour his heart into His people so they can reach the hearts of the lost.

Friends, if we are going to see ANY change in our communities its going to start with us. God is waiting for us to touch the hem of his garment! How desperate are you to have God move on your behalf? How much do you want to see a change in your city? Then its going to take more than just prayer, its going to take action. And I believe that action is fasting with prayer!

I don’t know about you but I am SO hungry for a move of God. I am tired of mediocrity. I am tired of being a lazy christian and only having concern for my own home. My prayer is that God would give me his heart for his people. That my eyes and ears would be open and looking for opportunities to bless someone.

I have to say that God has been dealing with me about thinking, “too small”. Initially, I was just going to do the fast myself. But then I felt impressed to share it with my church body, But even that didn’t feel like enough. God impressed me to take it to the community and even to start this blog to get every person I could connected and involved. So I will be writing about it in the paper as well as keeping up with this blog.

Bare with me as this is my first one and I am unsure of exactly how this is all going to work. I just know that its going to be fun to find out.!

So in the near future I will be posting some information on fasting and different types of fast. Pastor Jentezen Franklin a TV minister, is my mentor. ( and doesn’t even know it!!) But all the valuable info that I have on fasting is from his ministry. If your interested in knowing more, and don’t want to wait for me you can go to his website.
Thank you for reading and I believe there is something in your life that you need God to touch. If so wont you prayerfully consider joining us! Remember there is power in numbers! Not only will you join with me, but you will be joining individuals and entire church’s all over the country!

Also remember that you don’t have to fast for the full 21 days. Do whatever God places on your heart. And ask Him even what Fast you are to do. He will guide you.

Remember this will be a place of information, encouragement, prayer updates and praise reports. We will even be shareing recipes for the Daniel Fast.

PS if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions please feel free to let me know! ~Gypsy


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