2010 Prophetic Word/Barbie L. Breathitt

With Me All Things are Possible. Only Believe!”

Prophetic word of the Lord: “Tune your heart to hear the exhortation of My word! It is time to gather, unify, and rise up. It is time to break up the fallow ground and dig into the Word for the fresh waters of this season. Re-dig the wells of the old anointings that have been lost. Then dig new wells that will greatly strengthen you. For certainly the anointing will bring the glory and the presence of My Kingdom upon your life.

“Dig, drink deeply, and sing to the wells in your life to spring up and flow out of your bellies like living water. Dig and do not stop digging until your thirst is satisfied. The river of life flows through My Kingdom. Remember, My Kingdom is within you. The mysteries, power, and the secrets of My divine promises are in the living water of My Word. So plant yourself by the river of living water and drink deeply of My healing waters; let the dry barrenness be removed.

“You have journeyed through the wilderness heat of the valley of the shadow of death. But in 2010 you are coming to the oasis of living water where deep, clear springs will bubble up out of the depth of My Kingdom reservoirs. Therefore, come dig in and drink in My eternal life and strength. As you drink to your full, darkness will leave, and My glorious power and the healing presence of My Kingdom will come to manifest through your life. Use your faith shovel for digging the wells of wisdom in the ancient patterns of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Refuse the enemy’s voice of discouragement, who attempts to keep you from fulfilling your destiny. You are called and chosen to demonstrate the light of God’s Kingdom in this hour. You live in the generation where darkness is attempting to abound, but God’s grace and truth will abound much more. I have empowered you to do the impossible, because with Me all things are possible. Only believe!

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”—Matthew 19:26

God’s Breath to you,

Barbie L. Breathitt
Breath of the Spirit Ministries



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