If You Were The Enemy Who Would You Use?

I think of all the eye opening things that God has showed me, this has been one of my most important lessons yet. And it is my prayer that you too will gain new understanding about this powerful message.

Maybe at some point in your life you have wondered why when things seem to be going well and your doing what you’re supposed to be doing, things go wrong. Your living for God your trusting God and as you share with the people you love they begin putting you and your ideas down.

You might have told them about what God is doing for you and what you know he wants to do through you. And to your surprise the people you love most, doubt you. They begin criticizing you and really making you feel bad about what you know God is doing for you.

They may laugh and say things like, “I know what’s best for you,” or “You’ll regret it and you’ll be sorry if you do it, “What makes you think you can do that?” and “, “Yeah, yeah we’ve been through this before.” And maybe you have been somewhere similar to this before, but in your heart you know this time is different.

You’re hearing this but you can’t believe what you’re hearing. What’s the deal? They are supposed to love you and support you.

And now your head is swimming with mixed emotions. So you begin to second guess yourself & believe them because for the most part they have always been right. Sound familiar?

See when God plants a seed in your heart, the enemy wants to destroy it at its earliest stages. So he will use the people closest to you to do it. Understand that it is not a personal thing but a spiritual thing. The enemy doesn’t care about you, but he most certainly cares about who is inside you.

So don’t be misled! You can bet he will use, your spouse, parents, siblings, children, grandparents and best friends etc. All of whom you love, respect, admire and most importantly trust. No one is excluded from this.

Now you might be wondering how a Christian can be used by the enemy? I had wondered that myself. My pastor would tell me they could but I didn’t understand how.

Well they can, because they are human first of all and we are all fallible. But anger, hurt and jealousy are key emotions that the enemy will use against us. When we become angry for the wrong reasons, (like selfishness for example.) It causes spiritual weakness that allows the enemy a foothold into our lives if even for a moment.

So because they are hurt or angry they say things they don’t really mean.
This of course doesn’t mean they don’t love you or that they are possessed. It simply means we are all vulnerable and were not perfect.

But whatever they try and convince you of remember, God is truth, he will convict you in the spirit, reminding you of things you’ve done wrong, so you will ask his forgiveness for those sins. But he will never condemn you! He will never make you feel less of a person or try and intimidate you.

How ridiculous would that be, for him to put something in your heart only to turn around and make you feel bad about it? That’s not how God works; he loves us unconditionally and only wants the best for us.

God says, “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
— Jeremiah 29:11

God loves you and will only speak good things into your life; success, growth, happiness, peace, self worth. Things to encourage you, never things to discourage you. God will never depress you or oppress you, that’s the enemy’s tactics. Things of God will lift you up; they will inspire you and motivate you.

So begin thinking about that person in your life who has so much influence over you, who you trust completely, who you love dearly and who you know loves you too… Think about this…If you were the enemy who would you try and use?

Be encouraged and be blessed-
To God be the Glory


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