The Power of God Is Still At Work

Recently I attended an AGLOW retreat. It’s an International- Interdenominational Ministry that I am a part of. All three days were power packed! God moved the very first night and people were lying all over the place. It was incredible. The speaker was good, although I don’t remember everything she talked about because the power of God moved so much. The worship was amazing and I found myself laying flat on my face during worship. There’s just something powerful that happens when I humble myself before the Lord. If you have never tried it, you really should. The Lord will touch you almost immediately. I realize you may not have the freedom in your church to do that, but when you get home you certainly can! God will meet you right there, He does me every time!!

The main thing I want to share is that the power of God is still working and He isn’t just using ordained ministers and talented people who can, speak, sing or preach. But even stay at home moms!!

I was helping to pray 4 people on the last day and a woman walked up that I had not ever seen. The speaker began praying for her and as I extended my hand towards her, (never touching her) I immediately began weeping. I was interceding for her. The speaker told me to minister to her, that I had something for her and she walked off. I smiled and thought to myself, “Oh dear God I don’t even have a word or anything…..” But the Lord knew exactly what He was doing!!!!

I was weeping and I began to pray in the spirit and all of a sudden it was as if I could feel all her anguish. My heart hurt for her, the pain was something I cannot even put into words. It was intense to say the very least. I continued to pray and as I did I began to cry out, I let out a deep agony groan, almost like you would hear when a woman is in labor. I did it twice. I was almost embarrassed, but the Lord did not let me stay there, even though I had no clue what was happening to me. In my mind I was asking the Lord, “What is happening to me?”The Lord answered me immediately, so I stopped long enough to tell the lady what was happening.

I looked up at her and told her that she had a hard time crying and expressing herself and that the Lord was using me to help her. That He was using me to intercede for her. I then gave her a couple of words and she confirmed that yes they were accurate. Now mind you I am still crying through all of this. I then asked her if I could lay my hands on her she said yes. I laid my hand above her chest and this overwhelming feeling of depression and anguish came over me. I was so overwhelmed by her pain, I can’t even tell you the feelings I had, they consumed me. It was wave upon wave of emotions.

I then was so overwhelmed that I dropped down to her feet in a crouching position and felt as if I was in labor. (I’ve had 3 children so I know the feeling). It was like I was having contractions, all I could do was just cry before the Lord and ask Him to heal her and help whatever pain she was dealing with. I can say now that whatever she had going on were some major deep rooted issues. She was also grieving and that was the majority of what I felt, I don’t know over what but she did confirm it.

I finally was so exhausted that I just remember touching her feet and then I went down in the spirit. I was still weeping before the Lord. But He began to minister to me and give me peace.

Later I find out that while I was laid out on the floor that she was left standing there!! She finally walked away. And I was terrified that poor lady probably thought I was a total whack job lol!!

Later I did see her and I felt like I needed to justify what happened but the Lord told me to leave her be and that He was doing a work and that I didn’t need to say a word. Her smile was enough assurance  to let me know she didn’t think I was nuts!!

Needless to say it was an amazing experience, I will never forget. I’m sure she won’t either. That experience did remind me of childbirth, (just like in the labor room there is no dignity and it isn’t pretty until after it’s all over!!) I went home and studied it and found out that it is called the “midwife anointing”. If you want to learn more you can check out my previous post; Prayers that birth the purposes of God.

To God Be ALL the Glory, I am so humbled and honored that He would use me in such a powerful way!! I know that woman’s life has been changed forever. Her miracle was birthed!

I just want to close by saying that you don’t have to be anything special for God to use you in a powerful way. You just have to be a willing vessel.—

*If you have a similar story or have more information on this subject,  the midwife anointing (of which I found very little). Please share..I know this gift is unique,  but I know I’m not the only one!!


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