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An Attitude of Praise

I recently attended a leadership seminar and let me just say that it was amazing. I learned so much that weekend, but if I brought home anything it was, that there is great liberty in loving and worshipping my Father.

The worship service was like attending a concert, it was loud and fun and anointed. Men, women and children were dancing wherever they had the most room, they were dancing and singing before the Lord.

The energy was amazing, it was contagious. And yes they even ran around the church. I know some of you might be thinking “what?” But trust me when I say it was done in order in fun and all for Jesus. Some of you may be  content standing up in a quiet church just clapping your hands and that’s perfectly ok. God honors the heart regardless if you prefer quiet or loud.

Personally I prefer loud, when it comes to worship anyway. I want to dance and be free I want to lift my hands and my voice without fear or condemnation. And I did.

The praises of the people created such an amazing atmosphere. The worship leader, a true psalmist took us into heartfelt worship and a powerful anointing. People were weeping and falling on their faces. God filled that place like I had not felt in a very long time.

And I believe it was because the people were hungry, they cried out to him, they just loved on Him with no regard to time. It brought tears to my eyes thinking about how this act of intimate worship must have brought great joy to God.

I believe that is what most of us are missing in our personal lives and our church’s. True Worship. The kind that says, “nothing else matters.” The kind that says, “I’m not leaving here until I get what I came for, prayer, healing etc.”

A lot of you have asked why you can’t feel God, well maybe God is using his humble servant today to let you know how God will be manifested in your life. Through Worship!! God says he inhabits the praises of his people, so if we praise him he will enter in.

I believe we need to stay in an attitude of praise. Praise Him when you don’t feel like it, Praise Him even when you don’t feel Him moving. God wants to know that you love Him for who He is, not for what He can give you.

I believe if we are to truly see God in all His glory we need to take Him out of the box that we have so carefully placed Him in. Quit playing Church and start seeking His face, quit worrying about scaring off new believers. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. If the Holy Spirit is allowed to move freely without restrictions then people are going to come to church but more importantly they will stay.

Some people have this idea that they can minimize what the Holy Spirit wants to do in their services and still experience all that God has for them. While, we can certainly limit what God wants to do in our services, it will never be all that it was meant to be as long as man is running the church and not God.

Regardless of what’s going on in your church, you can Praise Him in your own way. Just continue Praising Him, loving Him and seeking Him and He will gladly enter in.

-To God Be the Glory


Baa Baa Black Sheep

I recently was having one of those one sided conversations with God. You know the ones? Where you tell Him all your troubles and you just let off a little steam? Well it was one of those days. It was the kind of day where you just feel completely alone and as if you don’t fit in anywhere. So during that conversation with God I asked Him why I didn’t fit in. Why since as far back as I could remember had I not fit in anywhere I had been.

I realize I moved around a lot growing up and so I was always the new kid. So naturally you never feel like you fit in, everyone else has their groups of friends picked out already. And as an adult that feeling never left me.

Well, it was in my quiet time that God gently reminded me that I didn’t fit in, because I wasn’t made to fit in! I wasn’t from here; this was only my temporary home. Imagine my relief, finally an answer. Finally some understanding as to why I always felt like the black sheep. I felt different because I WAS different. I stood out because I was supposed to stand out.

I was made in His image. Not images I see on T.V and images I was made to believe were beautiful. No. I was made in the image of the Most High God. I don’t belong here. I’m not like everyone else. I’m supposed to be different. And guess what?

If you are a child of God you don’t belong here either. Wow, that really does explain a lot doesn’t it?

I mean it explains why when we walk in a room everyone stares at us. And you feel like you got toilet paper on your shoe or something on your face.

It explains why some people who don’t even know us automatically decide that they don’t like us for reasons they don’t even understand.

But through that understanding I learned something far more impressive. I learned that I wasn’t alone in my pasture of sheep; in fact I was amongst other black sheep as well.

Lots of them. We all have a different look, a different sound, a different walk but we are all black sheep. None of us fit in, because we’re not supposed to! Friends, you were made like Christ and because of that we will never quite fit in.

We will always look similar to those around us but we will never be like them, unless we choose to let go of the one who created us. And I don’t know about you but I have been in that other pasture and it might be greener, but it’s not the real thing!!

Its Astro turf!

It looks pretty but it can’t feed you. How’s that for a metaphor? It looks good but it isn’t. It is deceptive. I choose to stay on my side of the fence, the side where it’s safe and there’s a Sheppard on duty 24hrs a day. Friends, you will never completely feel like you fit in anywhere.

Not while we live on this earth. When we get to Heaven then and only then will we know that we are home and we are in our rightful place. Then, we will have that true sense of belonging. But until then, I will trust my Sheppard to always remind me that I belong to Him and I will learn to love who I am in Him. Even, if I am a sheep of a different color.

Yes this article may be corny but it shows even God has a sense of humor. Hope you enjoyed it. Be blessed and be encouraged God is on the move.

Qualifying the Called

Hoping this day has found you well and blessed? I wanted to encourage you this week by letting you know that God is on the move and He is doing some great things in the body and in this city. He is strategically placing people right where He wants them. I want to tell you that God is looking to and fro for willing vessels. You don’t have to be qualified in the world’s eyes, but just be willing to do whatever God is requiring of you.

And let me just say that when you pray, “Lord use me, send me I’ll do whatever you ask.” You better expect He is going to take you up on it. And it may be within your comfort zone but more likely you will be so far out of your comfort zone you will have no choice but to trust God for every single step of the way. You see He does it that way so that we cannot take credit for anything. He gets all the glory because we are so dependent on Him for everything. God is looking for risk takers. God is looking for people who will stand up for what’s right and take their rightful place, in their homes, in their cities and in their communities. He is looking for people to bring His kingdom to earth and to pray that His will be done.

Do you know that as you pray that prayer over your homes and over your communities that it dispels darkness and sheds light on things that have been hidden? So then you can deal with them accordingly. God can do anything He wants because He is sovereign. But He chooses to co labor with us. So that’s why He tells us to pray. Friends, we are in a season of resurrection. What does that mean? We are in a season of life!! We will be reaping the fruits of our labor. God is pouring out His Spirit in a mighty way.

The Azusa Street revival began 100yrs ago and we are in that season..It’s no coincidence that we are approaching our 100yr anniversary for Taft. God is hearing the cries of His people and He is going to do a mighty work in this city! He is already shifting people. That’s why it’s important to be ready and willing when He comes calling on you. You may not know why you were picked for something you know you are not qualified in the natural for.

But let me tell you, you don’t have to be qualified! God doesn’t call people who are qualified, He calls people who are willing and then He qualifies them. That has never been truer in my own life than now. I am both humbled and honored that He would qualify me for anything. So when fear sets in and you begin doubting if you have truly been called, I am going to offer you the same scripture God gave me days ago when I came to a place of uncertainty. Joshua 1:9 ‘I’ve commanded you to be strong and brave. Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged! I am the LORD your God and I will be there to help you wherever you go. (Contemporary English Version) Be blessed friends and be ready, God wants to use you in ways far beyond your imagination. What will your response be? Email me at

*Remember this applies to your city too..God is no respector of persons*

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