Hello Friends, I am back!!

Hi there its been awhile! God has taken me on an incredible adventure the last couple of years. I am excited to share! I have a new ministry now, that focuses on not just the spiritual side of things, but also the physical. I have become a Personal Trainer and own my own Fitness Studio, “Born 2 Inspire Fitness”. But I am also a faith coach. I share the importance of both and how they go together. I have a lot of experience with weightloss, weight gain and obesity. I have been morbidly obese in my life and had weight loss surgery. It only lasted 5 years, then I gained almost all of it back. It wasnt until God showed me that I was not depending on Him and I had not learned how to eat healthy and renew my mind about food or exercise. So now my ministry is teaching people just like me how to get off the y0-yo diet wagon and live a healthy life for life!

Now I love this blog page and have a lot of valuable content here so I wont be shutting it down. However, I am on to NEW things and have created another WordPress Blog/webpage. So If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning about, or maybe someone you know could benefit from learning it, please come on over and check it out!–Id love to chat with you and share with you how I lost 70# after gaining my weight back  after having  weight-loss surgery! God is faithful even we are not and for that I am grateful. Come on over…………..https://www.gypsydallassmith.com


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