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The Pain of Change

Which is worse: the pain of change or the pain of never changing? –Joyce Meyers

Recently I read the statement, :Which is worse: the pain of change or the pain of never changing.? I realized she was really on to something . How many times have we chosen to stay somewhere because we are afraid to move? For those of us that have a heart for Jesus, we find ourselves not wanting to step out because we are so afraid of making the wrong decision. We wait and we wait, waiting for God to move. However, God says, “I know your waiting on me, but my beloved, I am waiting on you.”

Were so afraid of making a mistake that we don’t move at all. Friends, I really believe that if we want all that God has for us, we are going to have to step out where it is a little uncomfortable and even a little scary. Simply because we are out of our comfort zones. And when there is change there is growth. And because the Word says that, “without faith it is impossible to please Him.“ Hebrews 11:6. We have to have faith that God is going to carry us. If we do make a mistake, it will be perfected in Christ Jesus.

Recently I was speaking to a mentor and she asked me what I was afraid of. I simply said, “I am afraid of making a mistake.” She says to me, “Why is it that when were in the world we are not afraid to say or do what we want, but somehow when we come to Christ were so afraid we don’t move to do anything.” Friends you cant live in fear. Sometimes, your destiny is going to cause you to step into places that are not comfortable. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake, if you do, it wont be wasted. God wastes nothing. Everything will be perfected for HIS glory. Here’s something else I learned recently. When blessings come to you SUDDENLY, things begin to happen very quickly and your wondering how it could be happening? Remember that chances are you have been praying about that thing and asking God for it for a long time. So it isn’t all of a sudden. It has been delicately crafted from the first time you spoke it out loud and asked God for it. Its just your prayers are now bearing fruit. God does answer our prayers and sometimes it takes awhile and sometimes its suddenly. But if you have been asking God for change in your life, remember, change produces growth, and growth requires stretching.

So although it may be temporarily painful, for you to be all that God is requiring of you, it is going to mean allowing Him to make changes in your life. And those changes require trust and faith. Be blessed my friends and know that God loves you too much to let you stay the way you are. As you step out in faith God will lead you into greater things.–


Making Your Life Work

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the LORD. ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.’” Jeremiah 29:11 NLT “I did it by myself,” “I am the captain of my fate.” These are a few examples of some perspectives on how to make life work. Everyday, millions of people wander aimlessly lost, seeking love and significance in all the wrong places without a clue as to how to make life work. We need always to remember Jesus’ reminder that “apart from me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

When we try to make life work without the resurrection power of God at work in us through the Holy Spirit, we can be sure that we will never be able to make life work the way God intended. Many ignore their need for God when enjoying all of the pleasures and blessings of life without any of the heartbreak or problems about which we are warned will come time and time again in Scripture. Making life work in our marriages, parenting, relationships, finances, and work places often requires more longsuffering, patience, self control, and love than we can supply in our own strength. Jesus tells us that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. When we seek to be our own way, truth, and life, we are headed for trouble. Trying to make life work without the miracle worker is a futile pursuit.

Jesus not only promises but has the power to keep His promises to work all things for the good of those who love Him.

Friends, be encouraged in knowing that God has not forgotten you. There maybe many of you feeling displaced or as if there is no real purpose for you, except to work and make money, or to trot through life just existing. Friends, you have purpose, and your life has meaning. But it is a matter of perspective. How do you see yourself? How you see yourself or even how others see you is not nearly as significant as how God sees you. He says, you are the apple of my eye. Hmm so what does that actually mean? The term “The apple of my eye” is an old idiom and is first mentioned in the Bible in the Book of Psalms chapter 17 verse 8 (also in 3 other places in the bible) talking of guarding the apple of my eye. In those days the apple of the eye was actually referring to the pupil / cornea part of the eye. Sight is always considered a precious thing and during that time was no exception.

So the same way you would go to all lengths to protect and guard your eyesight is the same way you would love and protect someone you care about. God wants to do the same for us. But we have to choose to accept His Love. Love is a choice. The only way we can truly make our life work for us the way God intended, is to accept his love and his help. Once we accept His love than we will be able to accept all the blessings he has for us. And that will include feeling fulfilled in your life and having peace in your life wherever you find yourself today.

Friends, God loves us more than we can ever humanly comprehend. Remember this, “If you were the only person on the planet, God would still send His son to die just for you!”

“Open Your Mouth and I Will Fill It”

You know God never ceases to amaze me. This week I want to challenge you with my testimony. At the end of the year, I prayed and asked God to give me more, “God encounters,” In 2011. And by that I mean I wanted God to put more people in my path that needed to hear from Him. And He was not slow on answering my request.

Just 2 days later, my husband and I were having dinner in one of our favorite restaurants. I began looking around the room for someone to minister to. I knew God would pick someone; after all, there is someone everywhere we go. Now mind you, we can walk up to just about anyone in our own strength and try to minister to them. However, when it is a God encounter, God does the choosing, you just obey what He tells you to do. This was one of those times.

When we were done eating, I walked up to an elder man and told him what God had told me. His wife began weeping and thanked me. I blessed them and walked out. I felt so good, knowing that I had blessed someone. And yes I was nervous, I had no idea what I would say, but God said to me, “open your mouth and I will fill it.” And He did.

Two days later we were at another eating place; this one was a little scary. This person was a big biker looking man, covered in tattoos and piercings. God gave me a word for him. I went into the restroom, and said to God, “okay God I need to know that this is really you because this is scary.” Very clearly in my spirit, I heard Him say, “You know my voice.”

Okay, so I put on my big girl panties and I walked over to him and I told him, “I want to encourage you, the Lord told me to tell you that if you start your business, as long as you keep Him first, you will be successful. And you will never have to work for another man or woman again.” After he closed his mouth from the shock, he smiled, and said, “Thank you, thank you very much.”

Now here’s the thing, I wasn’t scared of him and how he looked, I was scared at what God told me to tell him! I could have really been off on that one. But I left, knowing it was God. Here it was barely January 1st and already I had 2 God encounters.  I just had to make myself available.

And again last week I was out at the grocery store and this sweet old man stopped me and started talking about potato salad and Tamales. When he was walking away, I said, “God bless you.” He responds, “I wish He would.” Talk about God opening a door to minister. I asked him if I could pray with him. He agreed. He says to me, “what about all these people?” I replied, “I don’t care about them right now.” He smiles and says, “Okay, lets get on with it then.”

And to be honest,  I really didnt care about anybody watching.

(But I haven’t always had that freedom, it took some time.=)

As we begin to pray, he looks at me and say’s, “You’re making me shake, why am I shaking?” I looked him square in the eyes and I said, “It isn’t me, its Jesus.”

You see, we don’t have to know what we are going to say or how to say it; we just have to be a willing vessel. God wants to use you the same way, but He needs you to be willing. So I challenge you, the next time you’re out and about, ask God to give you someone to bless, and He happily will do so. The more times you do it, the clearer His voice will become.

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Christian Hypocrites

I offer this scripture as an encouragement today, to those who have been falsely accused. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. Matthew 5:11-12.”

It seems we have all suffered rumors, gossip and slander at some point in our lives. Some more severe than others. And it hurts no matter what. But when it comes from people you care about, or people who say they care about you, it seems to cut a little deeper. Why are Christians so quick to judge one another?

Why do some go to church with a pretend happy face and while they are hugging you or shaking your hand they say, “oh sister or brother its so good to see you God Bless you.”  But behind that mask, they are saying all kinds of evil against you?

You know those people, we have all met them, perhaps we have even been them. This simply amazes me, I expected it in Jr. High and High School, but not from those who claim to be ‘Christ-like.’ When are we going to grow up? When are we going to really be the example that Christ set before us? We are here on earth to Represent Christ, is this the best we can do? I’m certainly not saying that I have never been guilty of this sin, but when God brought conviction on me it began a new work in me. Am I perfect? Absolutely not! I love what Joyce Meyer’s says, “I’m not where I need to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be!” Amen Sister!

But growth will only come from true repentance. Recognizing that you have an issue and letting God deal with it, even when its painful. If we don’t get this, I mean really get this we are not going to grow personally and neither will our churches. This is one of the biggest reasons people don’t stay in church. Because to them, we are a bunch of hypocrites. I looked up what a hypocrite actually is; Somebody feigning high principles: somebody who gives a false appearance of having admirable principles, beliefs, or feelings.

The Greek word for hypocrite is “actor or pretender.” How can we truly love a new believer or an unsaved person, if we are only pretending to love those who are already in our church? Something needs to change. We need to change! I’m not saying there are not genuine Christians who really do love with the love of Christ, there are many. But there are many who only pretend to.

I want to come to the place that I can look beyond a persons appearance and see their heart. And love them right where they are, flaws and all, on a consistent basis, not just when I feel spiritual. The Word says, “Do not judge or you to will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you to will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:1.NIV Ouch!

I encourage you today to be an example and accept others. Not just the parts you like, but all of them. Give them grace and forgive them when they mess up. If we will begin to do this than we will see God move in our lives and in the lives of others in a powerful way. And we can begin to change the way the world views the church, not as Hypocrites but as true Representatives of Christ.

Qualifying the Called

Hoping this day has found you well and blessed? I wanted to encourage you this week by letting you know that God is on the move and He is doing some great things in the body and in this city. He is strategically placing people right where He wants them. I want to tell you that God is looking to and fro for willing vessels. You don’t have to be qualified in the world’s eyes, but just be willing to do whatever God is requiring of you.

And let me just say that when you pray, “Lord use me, send me I’ll do whatever you ask.” You better expect He is going to take you up on it. And it may be within your comfort zone but more likely you will be so far out of your comfort zone you will have no choice but to trust God for every single step of the way. You see He does it that way so that we cannot take credit for anything. He gets all the glory because we are so dependent on Him for everything. God is looking for risk takers. God is looking for people who will stand up for what’s right and take their rightful place, in their homes, in their cities and in their communities. He is looking for people to bring His kingdom to earth and to pray that His will be done.

Do you know that as you pray that prayer over your homes and over your communities that it dispels darkness and sheds light on things that have been hidden? So then you can deal with them accordingly. God can do anything He wants because He is sovereign. But He chooses to co labor with us. So that’s why He tells us to pray. Friends, we are in a season of resurrection. What does that mean? We are in a season of life!! We will be reaping the fruits of our labor. God is pouring out His Spirit in a mighty way.

The Azusa Street revival began 100yrs ago and we are in that season..It’s no coincidence that we are approaching our 100yr anniversary for Taft. God is hearing the cries of His people and He is going to do a mighty work in this city! He is already shifting people. That’s why it’s important to be ready and willing when He comes calling on you. You may not know why you were picked for something you know you are not qualified in the natural for.

But let me tell you, you don’t have to be qualified! God doesn’t call people who are qualified, He calls people who are willing and then He qualifies them. That has never been truer in my own life than now. I am both humbled and honored that He would qualify me for anything. So when fear sets in and you begin doubting if you have truly been called, I am going to offer you the same scripture God gave me days ago when I came to a place of uncertainty. Joshua 1:9 ‘I’ve commanded you to be strong and brave. Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged! I am the LORD your God and I will be there to help you wherever you go. (Contemporary English Version) Be blessed friends and be ready, God wants to use you in ways far beyond your imagination. What will your response be? Email me at

*Remember this applies to your city too..God is no respector of persons*

To chase down a dream!

I got this via email the other day and thought it was wonderful and wanted to share.— “Yesterday I was hiking a mountain in Hawaii with a friend. I was laboring up this beautiful green pastured mountain, looking down at my feet trying to be sure of my footing, while at the same time trying to catch my breath from the altitude. At times, I would make big steps, sometimes all I could do was take small ones. The terrain was uneven and rough at times. It took a lot of effort and a lot of thought so, needless to say, I was getting really tired and at times wanted to stop or just turn back.

I got to one peak and I thought “I’m here, great, we can rest now” only to realize that just because I was at the top of one peak, that didn’t mean I had arrived. There were more…more valleys to go through and more heights to reach. It was interesting to me, that in order to go higher, we usually had to go down through a valley, and it went on and on and up and up. I was tired and wanted to sit down but my friend said, “Come on, let’s go a little higher.” So, not to be outdone by a girl (lol), I dug my hiking boots in and went a little higher.

We finally got to one of the highest points and she said to me, “This is the best part, now turn around.” I turned around and behind me was the most amazing view that I had seen in my 40 years on this earth. As far as my eyes could see, beauty reigned. The Hawaiian Islands seemed to be leaping up out of the silver blue sea, stretching up to catch the dust of the sky. The clouds seemed close enough to catch in my hand and make a wish; rays of sunlight danced through them trying to find a path to show off their own glow and power. Not even Picasso could have out-painted the canvas that was before me. The heavens were declaring the glory of God.

I saw Him in motion. I said to my friend, “When did we get this high?”, and she said, “It was in the climb.” I couldn’t help but think about life – mine and maybe even yours. I thought about how hard it had been for me chasing down my dream. I thought about how hard it can be to believe sometimes. I thought about the entire struggle, all of the pain, all of the hope, all of the doubt. I thought about the times I was working a dead end job, trying to believe; moving through day-to-day with my head down just taking one step at a time, some small, some big ones, wanting to give up; wanting to stop and sit for a while; wanting to lay in my sorrow; nobody believing in me; nobody thinking it would come to pass and never realizing that every step was taking me closer to higher.

That hike was painful, it hurt, but through it all I was getting higher and had no idea how high I was. That’s what it’s like to chase down a dream. Sometimes in life dreams are hard to follow, like that climb. You don’t know how high you’re going or even if you’re moving, but every step, even when you can’t see what’s behind you, will take you closer to your goals. It’s in the climb. I know you may be struggling right now, but you’re in the climb; things may be hard right now, but you’re in the climb; people may not believe in you, but it’s part of the climb. They may take shots at you, but stay in the climb; you may have to stand alone, but you’re in the climb. Even if you’re not where you want to be right now, I want to say to you what she said to me, “This is the best part, now turn around.” Look how far you’ve come. God has not brought you this far to leave you. Stay in the climb.—Tyler Perry.

A Prayer For You

You know most every day I try and put something encouraging on my Face book page. I usually get a few comments, some more than others. However the other day I felt compelled just to write a prayer out for my friends and family. To my surprise, many people responded. It wasn’t anything very special or so I thought. But it was something that they apparently needed. I really think we underestimate the power of prayer. Many of us wonder if our prayers even make a difference. Let me tell you that they absolutely do! Sure He is the God of the universe and can do whatever he wants right? Of course He can. But he did not design creation that way. He chose to co labor with us. That’s why we must pray the Lords will be done.

Even though something may be his will and his desire and timing, it only comes to pass when we pray it into fulfillment. So I felt impressed today to pray for all of you.

Dear Heavenly Father, I come humbly before you and I ask that you bless each and every person reading this. Where there is confusion; I speak clarity. Where there is fear; I speak courage. Father where there is discouragement and despair; I speak hope and strength in you. Father for those that are hurting in body; I speak healing and restoration in Jesus mighty name.

Father we give you all praise, glory and honor this day. Be blessed and encouraged my friends, we are on the verge of breakthrough, but it is going to take all of us praying together to bring it to pass.

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