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Faith, Fasting And Miracles

A Testimony Of Faith, Fasting and Miracles

I am hoping this week is finding you well and blessed? I wanted to start by saying just how awesome are God REALLY is. Of course most of us know this already. But there is nothing better than watching God show up and show off, I just LOVE it!! I want to share a testimony of Gods love and the power of prayer. Two weeks ago on a typical Monday morning I woke up with “Fear Not”, in my head. And I was directed to scriptures and stories related to fear while checking my email. Every where I turned, fear not, fear not was what I heard. Later in the day I would learn why, my mom called and told me that my dad had been diagnosed with stage 3 Colon Cancer and that he had a tumor the size of a large grapefruit. After getting off the phone with her I went into prayer, and then I began weeping because I realized I wasn’t so sure that my dad wasn’t going to die.

 I will be honest in saying that I have never seen a healing miracle for myself. Of course I realize that God Does heal, but was it His will to heal my dad? I was confused at how to pray for him. So I just kept praying that God would show me how to pray. The next day my mom called and said that they had upgraded it from a stage 3 to a stage 4.( Meaning it had spread to other organs.) My mom was distraught. And I was shaken. We called everyone we knew and so my dad was on numerous prayer chains across the country. I decided to fast. I fasted for one day and stayed in prayer. I specifically prayed and asked that when my dad went back to see how far the cancer had spread that in fact it would not have spread at all and it would be less than what they thought.

At that point they were sure that a small amount had spread from the colon into the liver and onto his pelvic bone. A few days later my mom called screaming and said that the cancer had NOT spread at all and the spot on his liver and pelvic bone was just that A Spot! So they downgraded it back to a 3. That was the first big miracle. During prayer God showed me in scripture, in Exodus 15:26 Gods contract of healing. “I am the Lord who heals you.” In Matthew 8:17 “He took up our infirmities and carried our diseases.” So it is NOT His will that anyone should die or suffer from any infirmity. God came to give us life. Last Monday my dad went in and had the ALL the cancer removed. Praise be to God. Now its just taking one day at a time to get well. So with this testimony I hope you will be encouraged that God does answer prayers and He does want His people well.

 And I want to encourage you this week in telling you that if you need healing, God can and wants to heal you. He says you have not because you ask not. So first ask for healing. He also says without faith it is impossible to please Him. So believe that His healing is for you and then thank Him for it. Even before you see the fruits of it. Thank Him and Praise Him for the victory. This is what worked for my family and God is no respecter of persons so He will do it for you to. Be Blessed! * In Addition this was written in 2007 My Dad Is still Cancer Free, Glory Be To God. Fasting and Prayer WORKS

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