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Being Obedient

God amazes me nearly everyday, with something new. I’ve learned that if you truly want God to bless you, than you need to learn to become obedient. And trust me, when you do he will most likely bless you in a way you didn’t expect and in a place you didn’t expect it. What I’m about to share is by no means to bring glory to myself in any way, had it not been for the Holy Spirit I would not have been able to do what I did.

While on a weekend trip with my family to the beach, God revealed himself in such a powerful unexpected way. My family and I stopped at Hometown Buffet for lunch. The place was packed with people just getting out of church. A woman was sitting in the booth in front of me. We made eye contact and  we shared a smile. After lunch I felt like I needed to share something with her. I struggled with it because I wasn’t sure what to say, I didn’t even know if she was a believer. But as I got up out of my seat to leave, I felt sick to my stomach. A flood of anxiety came over me, so I sat down, thinking maybe I sat up too fast. I told my husband to go on I’d be there in a minute. Immediately I felt better so I knew it had to be God.

I took one last drink of my tea and got up and walked over to her not sure what I was going to say, and the first thing out of my mouth was “Excuse me maam, but please don’t think I’m a crazy person.”  God wanted me to tell you that It’s going to be ok.” And before I could finish she jumped up out of her seat and wrapped her arms around me and just begin thanking me and praising God. We both began to cry and I continued to tell her that God was going to turn her situation around and that he heard her crying out to him at night, the more I told her the louder her cries got.

And then God told me to tell her something that someone had told me once, I didn’t understand why I should be telling her this but I did. I told her that she was a precious sparrow that God was holding gently in his hands. She began to wail out with such passion and sincerity, just thanking God praising him and thanking me and blessing me. It was so awesome!! Now remember we are standing in the middle of a very crowded restaurant. But while  I’m sharing these things with her my body was trembling my teeth were chattering and my legs honestly were shaking so badly I thought they were going to give right then and there. She must have been holding me up, that’s all I can say. I finished by telling her that God honors those that are faithful to him.

She let go of me and begin to tell me that she had just lost her brother less than a month ago and she was going through a lot. And that she had went out and prayed to God the night before until 3:30 in the morning. And God gave her two words…Treasured Sparrow.

WOW was I totally and completely blown away. All we could say was God was so good. She did ask me if I was from there and I told her, “No I’m just passing through”. I left that place shaking and crying because I had never experienced God that way before. It was so overwhelming and such a blessing. Honestly I feel as If I was more blessed than her by that encounter.

The feeling that came with being obedient and sharing an encouraging word with a stranger that undoubtedly needed it was honestly a better feeling than my own day of salvation. Afterwards it made me think of Jesus and how he ministered. Jesus never stayed in one place too long; he was always just passing through. But he always knew just what to say and who to say it to. God will use you to touch others; he will work through you, no matter where you’re at, you just have to be sensitive to the sprit.  Never fear what you’ll say, if you are moved by the Holy Spirit, act on it and God will give you the words to speak directly into that persons life. So the next time you think you hear that still small voice, say “Ok God I’ll do it.” God will bless you far more than you can ever imagine, just for stepping out. So what are YOU waiting for, someone needs what you have!


When God Puts You On Hold!


I ran across this the other day and was so encouraged because it spoke right to where I am. I hope that you are as blessed as I was by this. Let it speak to your heart and settle your spirit.

The Bible say’s, “To everything there is a season” (Ecc 3:1). So no matter how hard you pray, you cant pray away your life’s seasons away.

There are some situations you aren’t meant to change-you’re just meant to survive! Paul calls these times, “light affliction, which is for a moment” (2Cor 4:17). When you cant alter your circumstances you must learn to grow through them. In winter, trees take advantage of the season to rebuild there strength and prepare to be fruitful next season. Their sap and substance goes underground. Then in the spring it pushes its way back up again in the form of new growth.

Looking back over your life you’ll find that your achievements are seasonal. Growth comes, then struggle and vice versa. Each season has its purpose. God has a reason for not wanting you to be productive all the time. When he permits winter winds to blow through your life He’s preparing you for the coming spring.

James writes, “Consider it a gift when tests come under pressure your faith shows its true colors, so don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.” One of the issues you’ll struggle with in a waiting period is the urge to hurry, to make permanent decisions based on temporary circumstances. Don’t do it!

Every situation doesn’t call for immediate action. Remember, patience comes from trust, and you cant trust a God you don’t know. That’s why you need to spend more time getting to know him, through reading his word and praying. Somebody has said that patience is the quality you admire in the driver behind, but not the guy in front! God is a God of order, He ordains specific times for bringing specific purposes to pass. And it doesn’t pay to get ahead of Him. Certain things cant be accomplished “by might, nor..power.” So how are they accomplished? “By my spirit.”

David said, “My times are in your hands.” (Ps 31:15 NIV). David understood that others cant short circuit Gods plan for you. Once you’re able to acknowledge that, you find peace-and stop trying to, “make things happen.” When God drops a seed into your life it needs time to take root and grow. And you don’t have to be concerned with the outcome because when it is planted in a fertile, faith-filled heart, the results are guaranteed. The hard part is knowing that your on the verge of a breakthrough, then having God tell you to wait. Its when you think he has forgotten you and every second feels like a lifetime, that your patience gets a workout. David said: “ I waited patiently for the Lord  and He set my feet on solid ground and gave me a hymn of praise.” (Ps 40:1-3 NLT). When you honor Gods timing, you always land on solid ground, and end up with a season to praise Him. So when you know you’ve a mandate from God but He puts you on hold, stay on the line till He gets back to you. Its well worth waiting to Get you answer directly from Him. Think about it, would you dare trust any other answer?

-Author Unknown

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